Video Chat Beginner's Hints
So, you are an adult video chat model. You have your computer, camera and account on the site ready. You already have read those articles about getting tons of cash just by sitting there with your camera opened. Well, isn't quite so.

Before starting making plans how to spend your thousands in the weekend, please take your time and read some tips and tricks from more experienced models and site members, we collected for you in the past few years.

First, you must decide what kind of online model do you want to be. There are tens of thousands of mediocre performers out there on the Internet, struggling to earn about €1,000 each month, alone in their bedrooms, with no real friends and no social life. If you want to become one of them, read no further and just press your 'Start Live Session' button in the left part of your screen.

If you want to be a top performer, have fun and enjoy your work, while making thousands each week, it takes something different. It's not about your body. It's definitely not about your face. It's just about THE WAY YOU THINK. Just read the simple rules below, apply them, and you'll make the difference. Some of them may look silly or strange to you, but you'll understand in time that's all very simple: some style, brains and common sense it's all you need.

Don't interrogate the customer. He doesn't like it, as much as you don't. You may ask him what part of the world is he from, what does he like and what does not, what age he is, anything you want, but don't ask him about how many children does he have, what size his shoes are, or how's the weather in Amsterdam. Use a weather bulletin for that. If you ask too many questions about his personal life, he will feel uncomfortable, take a short snapshot of your body and leave in about 2 minutes.

Smile. Enjoy your time online. You're here to have fun also, even if this may be your work place. Don't try to impress the customer with your saddest story. He won't stay online longer for this. He won't send you extra money. If he's patient enough, he will politely listen to you, tell you how sorry he is, leave and never come back to your room. He will move where he feels more comfortable, to a model that knows how a smile now and then can worth a fortune. You're in advertising business, customers come here expecting to be advertised. Not necessarily with monkey shows fisting yourself with everything you can put your hands on, but surely not with sad stories about your life. Be his friend, laugh with him, laugh BY him if you want, and always remember why he came here for.

Dress sexy. Why do most think bra and panties or bathing suits are sexy? They are so banal and boring... unless they are sheer or see-thru. Victoria's Secret made a fortune with lingerie..why? It's SEXY!! Wear lingerie, wear a skinny tank top, wear an open shirt, an open robe, a sexy shawl or scarf... but don't wear solid bra/panties and PLEASE never a padded bra... omigod! Take a look at other models in the tops, they may have nice pictures that may get you a nice idea. One of the most important things to take care of is how you're dressed. Don't stay naked in front of the camera waiting for the customer. You'll spoil all the fun. Let him watch you undressing, tease him, play with him. And don't make it too long, as he he'll never get back to you. When he'll see you on the first page will only think: 'that's the girl who takes 1 hour to undress...' and skip to the next model.

Don't lead the conversation. Let HIM ask the questions, start the topics. 80% percent of the customers are very shy, sitting there and hiding behind their computer screen. In a real life situation they won't even speak to you if they'll see you around. They may like to pose in lady killers but they aren't. Let them lead, choose the conversation topics, feel they never feel in real world, and you'll have nothing but to win from this. They will never want to leave your room and return on a daily basis.

Avoid the highest price. Never run the most expensive shows. If you can set your price per minute, don't put the highest one. It's not YOUR price. It's just marketing. Remember that what you make PER DAY is more important than what you make PER HOUR which is more important than what you make PER MINUTE. What good is getting €5 a minute if you rarely get a private? What good is €1.99 a minute when you sit around for hours with few privates? and if the few you get are short? At .49 a minute, the client feels relaxed and doesn't watch the clock as much and really gets into it, if you're pleasing him... so he spends a lot more time and comes more often. The model has a much better chance of making that guy a 'regular' of hers, establishing a relationship that brings him back often and for a long time. Those are where the real money to be made is.

Remember it's not a real date. Regular models spend too much time fretting over guys who are abrupt and rude and in a hurry. They fight with the client, attempt to force long foreplay conversation, strip at snail's pace, etc. It just can't work, the client is not going to be forced, or if he is he won't come back. What has the model accomplished? Squeezed a few extra minutes out of a guy? Big deal...she loses any chance of return business and a lot of guys who seem in a hurry stay a long time when they get involved in the action. 'teasing' ain't 'pleasing'. It's stupid and bad business. You must understand this is mostly a JOB, you are not on a real DATE!! Don't use the same standards as you do dating, don't be a silly girl!

Follow instructions. If a guy asks for something, do it his way. Don't impose your way. Don't you decide what to do... he can get free recorded porn anywhere. The only reason he comes to your live webcam is because it is supposed to be LIVE and INTERACTIVE. You wouldn't expect a customer to ask you 'would you please reveal your breasts, my beautiful princess?' :) No, they have a much more original way to ask you questions. If a guy says 'show me tits', show them... with style. But don't start fondling them until he asks you to. If he says play with nipples, play with them... don't put your hand in front of your pussy and start playing with yourself. Wait for him to direct you. And please, would everybody learn what the word CLIT means? 90% of these foreign girls and their typist/translators have no idea what a CLIT is... don't be one of them.

Don't kick and ban everybody. It's all about creating more WINNERS..and not about battling with the many LOSERS. There are some things that just come with the job... one of them is dealing with guys who are abrupt, who are in a hurry, are rude, etc. Those guys outnumber the nice guys. Too bad!!! There are some models that are doomed to failure if they start trying to FORCE clients: to be more polite, to have long introductory get-acquainted conversations, to sit still for a long slow stripteases, obvious stalling tactics, etc, etc. The supermodels know how to get guys involved, to pace the session so it takes longer without resorting to obvious stalling tactics, and to interject conversation when the client is very hot and involved rather than when he first gets on and wants to make sure he will have fun for his money.

Get loyal, regular customers. THE WORST THING IS TO ALIENATE THE CLIENT FOR A SHORT-TERM 'STEAL' and lose the potential for 'regular steady dates'. Mediocre models do this stupid shortsighted stuff all the time, they lie, they manipulate, they disrespect, they stall, and so they grab a couple extra bucks here and there and lose the big buck potential. Criminally dumb! Girls, just accept the too-short sessions as a necessary evil: remember they add up (even if the customer has only 5 minutes credit), remember that some of them will wind up (surprise!) as very good loyal regulars even if they appear at first to be a waste of time.

Provide good image quality. Don't use digital zoom! If your camera software has a digital zoom option, or auto face tracking, just don't use it. Your image will appear fuzzy and pixelated on the customer's screen even if you see it clear and sharp on your screen. The customer most probably already have zoomed your image. If you can, use only cameras with OPTICAL ZOOM. Most modern cameras (Sony, Panasonic, etc.) have now an optical zoom rate between 3x-20x. Take care of the light also. ALL top models use big, bright light reflectors, resulting in a good image quality. Don't use your evening lamp. Light from your computer's display is not even 10% enough! Don't believe misleading stickers on cheap, Chinese, $5 webcams. If you have a microphone, use it. It's much more natural to speak with the customer, instead of typing 'ahhhhhhh! ooooooohhh!' at your keyboard.

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