Have fun and make money!
Want to become an ExtasyCams model? You can make up to €4,000 a month without even leaving your bedroom! If you have a computer, video camera, and a bit of spare time, then you're ready to start! You don't want to miss out on this great opportunity to practically run your own business!

Having made it to this point demonstrates that you posses the self-confidence that is required of every ExtasyCams model. Our rich clients don't play around; they have money to spend and will spend it on you. Most importantly, we will always honor your dignity and treat you with the respect you deserve, and our clients, with absolutely no exceptions, will be held to these same strict standards.

Your income is practically limitless as a model. You can chat with an unlimited number of members at a single time, being paid for each one! No private or single member session, no free sessions wasting your time!

You will be paid a minimum of €0.20 for every minute a client is connected to your webcam. If there are more than a client connected, you will be paid accordingly (eg. if there are 5 clients at a time connected, you will be paid €1.00 per minute for that period). A normal model working an average 6 hours a day usually receives about €1.600 per month. Top models can reach about €4.000 per month. All depends on your skills (ability to make friends, languages spoken, etc.) and not only on the way you look.

You can see all the time how much we owe you for the current payout period, both on your page at and in your live window. As a client stays connected to your webcam, you can see in real-time modifications that applies to your credit, in the live window.


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