Have fun and make even more money!

Introduce New Users to the ExtasyCams website and get up to 36% commission for each of them, for life!

Invite your friends and favorite clients to signup on ExtasyCams and get even €500 or more for each new user! This is not a joke, and there's no 'catch'. This is how it works: You get a commission from each purchase of each newly referred member, from his first transaction on the website up to his last one, for life! as follows:

Purchase Number: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 etc
Your Money: 36% 32% 28% 24% 21% 20% 16% 15% 14% 13% 12% 11% 10% 10% 10% 10% 10% 10%

This way, if you send a new user that always makes €198.00 purchases, during a month time (on average 18 transactions) you have a guaranteed commission of €502! And this is only for one user! In a more pessimistic scenario, let's say you have a base of about 200 'good' members that you use to chat on other websites or Skype, or messenger. You send them an invite with your referral code. 150 of them may create an account on ExtasyCams based on your invite, 20 may already have an ExtasyCams account and they won't count as new users. That leaves you with about 130 new users that will generate you about €115.000 in the next 2 years! And that's based on a pessimistic scenario, in which a user will stay on the website very rarely and will purchase small amounts, under €100.

You can practically run your own business and make a lot of money by doing nothing but just referring new users! Please read Q&A section below.

How can I send new users to ExtasyCams?
You can send invites using this form and directly from your email account. We recommend using both methods so you can ensure the invite doesn't end up in a 'Junk' or 'Spam' folder. Here are all the methods of referring new users are we can think of:
  - use the invite form from here.
  - go to your email account and send the link to all the members from your 'Sent' history.
  - use your referral link as your signature when posting on webcam related forums.
  - put the referral link on your personal webpage.
  - put your referral link as a status message on the messenger accounts you use for chatting.
  - send the referral link to all the contacts of the Skype account you use for chatting.

What should I write in the invite message?
Tell the user who you are (eg: 'Hi, I'm Sara from LiveCams26' or 'Emily from StreamCams') in case they don't remember. Explain them why should they signup on ExtasyCams. The most obvious reason would be that is the cheapest cams site, at a cost of only €0.49 cents per minute for them. Don't forget to tell them that by signing up, they help you receive a commission of up to 36% of their purchases! Be honest and they will help you, giving it a try.

Why should I invite my 'good' members here and not send them to other websites that have referral programs?
This is not a competition. We even encourage you to invite your members to all the websites that have a referral program! This way you make sure that whatever website they will most likely use, you will still get a commission. On the long run, they may like more ExtasyCams because it is the cheapest cams site, or they may prefer another website to spend more time there because they like the interface. Either way, you make sure you get a commission and don't lose any opportunity.

Can I use any method to promote my referrals?
No. Make sure you don't spam by sending email invites to persons you don't know. Email spamming is strictly prohibited and your account will be closed if you spam!

Which users are considered 'New Users'?
Users considered new are those that didn't previously have an account on ExtasyCams websites. We run some scripts to detect is the user is new or not. IMPORTANT: Any attempt to cheat by trying to appear a user is new when in fact he is not, will result in your account being closed! Don't try to make your referrals appear new in order to get bigger commissions, we can always detect if a user is new or not and if we see you were trying to cheat, we will close your account.

How much can I make per month from this referrals program?
Based on our stats, an average model referring 500 'good' new users per year will make around €200,000! That's two hundred thousand dollars! By a 'good' member we mean a user that spends at least 30 minutes per day on ExtasyCams. There is no 'catch', no * or hidden terms. This is real money, that you will receive each month, along with your usual live credit. You can see how much referral money you have on the main page. So hurry up and start sending invites!

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