Terms and Conditions

By joining and using this site you agree to the terms provided below:

After joining you can start broadcasting your webcam and/or promote our websites. This will be done with own judgement and without any restrictions. Under no circumstance will this constitute an employment contract. Both parties can end the cooperation at any time without clarifying reasons.

Every month a non-line credit invoice will be created. The payment will be made 2-15 days after the invoice is made to the account number you have provided us. You are responsible for notifying your tax and possibly other authorities of these earnings.

You need to take care that we always have the correct and complete address and payment information. We canít pay if we donít posses the right information. After loggin on you can change your information yourself. When in doubt we may ask for a copy of your identification or a chamber of commerce registration. These need to be in our possession 1 week after we ask for it.

If you want to broadcast to our system you need to be 18 years of age or older. Behind the webcam no acts are allowed that are punishable by law in the Netherlands, Romania or other countries. Every person needs to be visible via a webcam broadcast and need to be informed about this and work on an consensual basis. Sexual acts with animals, underaged or impaired are not allowed. A live broadcast via webcam or other camera system needs to be provided. Showing pre taped material is not allowed. It is forbidden to promote other services, product or websites through the websites of the ExtasyCams project.

If you want to promote our system you need to be 18 years of age or older. The websam site may not be promoted through spamming or by any means. Sites that are used for promotion need to be free of unlawful or punishable content.

If we notice breaking of the generally accepted rules we reserve the right to end the cooperation immediately and remove you from our site directly. If you get blocked/removed by us this is because you willfully and on a recurring basis broke the rules. At this stage we will stop payment of the minutes earned.

We want our systems to function optimally. ExtasyCams will not be held liable for any damages that might occur, in whatever shape or form, through technical glitches or wrongdoing.

The ExtasyCams system consists of a few sites. These sites can be exploited in cooperation with third parties. The webcam earnings are the same for all our websites.

After signing up, you will receive by email a contract that must be printed, filled, signed and uploaded to 'Your Documents' section on your control panel before your account will become active. The contract specifies full conditions, legal obligations and payout rates so any misunderstanding can be avoided.

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